Belmont, a Modern Golf Facility

Belmont was built by Hall of Fame Golf Course Architect A.W. Tillinghast in 1917, originally as Hermitage Country Club and becoming Belmont Golf Course in 1977.

In 2020, First Tee – Greater Richmond partnered with Love Golf Design to transform the historic 18-hole course into a modern golf facility. Love Golf Design studied the original drawings of the then Hermitage Golf Course to truly restore hole Nos. 7 – 18 for our 12-hole course.

The 12-hole Belmont can be played from five different tees, ranging from 3,020 to 4,345 yards. The course has two back-to-back Par 5’s, two Par 3’s, eight challenging Par 4’s and 64 bunkers to test and player’s game. With five tees to play from, the course is accessible for all levels.

Little Bell and The Ringer

Little Bell is our 6-hole, par-3 course designed to showcase several of A.W. Tillinghast’s iconic par 3’s. The scaled replicas start with his “Tiny Tim” design and wind through replicas from Southward Ho, San Francisco Golf Club, and even here at Belmont (old Nos. 4 and 5). Twenty-two bunkers protect the greens, presenting a challenge for golfers of all skill levels.

Little Bell is perfect for a quick loop, getting familiar with the game, or as a way to finish your 18-hole round. Designed as walking course, push carts and Sunday bags are available for rent on Little Bell.

The Ringer, our 18-hole putting course weaves across a near-acre of green, the largest in the state of Virginia. The reversible course allows for a different look daily for all players. The course covers almost 31,000 square feet and dips and rises over 12 feet across the course.

The Ringer is great for families, date nights or settling a friendly competition after your time on Belmont or Little Bell.